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Dear Bible-pounding jerkoffs hanging out outside train stations,

Just as your faith is clearly an important part of your life, fitness is an important part of mine. Lemme tell you a few things about it.

I live it every day. I practice it every day. It has improved my life in a dozen obvious and less-obvious ways. I am a happier and better person for having it. Lifting weights has taught me lessons about working toward goals with non-immediate results -- lessons I've applied elsewhere in my life. Because I'm now a little bigger and scarier, and because I also more closely match our culture's body standards, the world treats me better... and I've found that as a result, I am much nicer to the world now than I was when I was skinny. And hey, confidence is a good thing, right?

And yet, I do not judge non-believers. I certainly don't look for opportunities to tell non-believers about the horrible fates awaiting them if they don't start living as I do.

This isn't to say I never preach. Obviously, I talk about it in my journal online, but it's my journal, it's about my life, and fitness is an important part of it. (A few people I know talk about their relationship with God in their journals. Same thing. It's part of their lives.) Sometimes, I preach in the real world, too... but usually only when asked. Occasionally, people in my life ask me questions. I do my best to answer them. Sometimes, people take the first steps on the road I'm currently walking. I do my best to encourage them. While most of the people who've noticed that I'm a different person now don't feel like emulating my life choices, a few people -- just a few! -- have been inspired to make changes for themselves. Where you have only managed to alienate people, I've actually had a positive effect.

There's a lesson in this, if you look closely.


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Dear Judgmental asshole,

I apologize for my response to your missive. While hysterical laughter (preceded by choking noises) was certainly an appropriate response, it wasn't exactly as well-argued or well-thought-out as I would have liked. So, in the spirit of the staircase (that sounds much better in French), I'd like to say a few things I really wish I'd thought to say to you. It's not like I think I'll actually have a chance to say this to your face, but what the hell -- I'll have them ready for the next judgmental asshole.

One: thank you. I knew that one day, people would be making cracks about me going to the gym to compensate for certain... ahem, shortcomings, but I figured that I was still too skinny for anyone to think that, and a few more years of hard work stood between me and that day. Apparently, I'm not the best judge of my own progress. So... again, thank you.

Two: If you actually believe that male gymrats build themselves up to compensate for undersized penises... there's this thing called gay porn. You should look into it. You'll find plenty of counterexamples. I'd guess that doing a google image search for "muscular hung naked" or suchlike would also find you plenty of counterexamples, but I've typed enough interesting things into Google for one day (here on LJ, here on DW), so you'll have to look for yourself.

Three, and perhaps most importantly: making assumptions about a person's character flaws from their body shape makes you a judgmental asshole. In your case, it probably also makes you a hypocrite, since I'm sure at least one judgmental asshole has looked at your belly and made some unfair and unflattering assumptions about you. In my case, it also makes you wrong, but I don't expect you to believe that, and I wouldn't show it to you any more than I would show my pale-but-well-shaped ass to this asshole... for all the same reasons.


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Date: 2014-01-06 03:04 am (UTC)
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A lot of people have this weird need to attack others who have bodies that stand out in any way. Thin, especially in the case of a woman? "She must be a vain bitch" or "she must starve herself." Fat? "Must be lazy." Muscular? In the case of guys, "He must have a small dick" or "He must be pretty stupid" or both. Or in the case of muscular women, "Ewww she looks like a man."

And of course, YouTube brings out the best in people. Most powerlifting meets and feats are posted on there these days, and you can predict with almost perfect accuracy what kinds of comments will be posted based solely on how the person looks. Like, Benedikt Magnusson, world record holder in the deadlift (1,015 pounds!), has comments on his videos like "yeah but a UFC fighter could beat him up" or "yeah but who cares, he's fat" or "too bad he can't run a marathon!"

Granted, people attack others for all kinds of reasons I don't understand whenever there are perceived differences; maybe it's just that we can't avoid showing IRL people our bodies, so our differences are blatantly there.

Date: 2014-01-06 02:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I just GIS'ed Benedikt Magnusson. He is impressive as hell, and I would never in a million years want to be built like him. (I think the same thing of Max King, but for different reasons.)

But yeah. We're both in the body shape wars, whether we like it or not. And as much as we can refuse to fire shots, we're still going to get hit occasionally. (And like you intimated, women get hit a lot more than we do.)

Date: 2014-01-06 05:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wanna see what that second guy drives. Probably a hyped up truck.

You know what I drive.


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