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As part of my research for an upcoming project, I bought Thor v.1: The God Butcher. I'd like to quote the captions from the first page. (Keep in mind that in comics, word placement is kinda important, and that's going to make the punctuation look odd when the words are laid out in plain old text. Don't fault the grammar... there's plenty to fault in the content.)

"The frost giant had terrorized these people for weeks. It had eaten three goats, four dogs, and two children. The mothers of the village prayed for help from the gods. And help they did receive.

"I led a group of twenty men, tracking the giant to its den in the highlands. It battled us for hours, swinging trees and hurling boulders. Many vikings found their way to Valhalla. Until my axe hacked its guts to bloody slush and lopped off its head.

"That was four days ago. Since then I have eaten more goats than the frost giant, drank enough mead to drown a dozen sailors, and made love to half the women in the village.

"I am Thor Odinson. God of thunder. Prince of Asgard. Heir to the throne of the realm eternal. I love my life."

I'll be going to a convention in a little over a month, and no doubt the subject of comics will come up. If I hear anyone talk about how sure, comics have lots of top-heavy minimally-dressed anatomically-impossible women for horny teenage boys to look like, but hey, look, Thor looks impressive as hell without a shirt, and he's also anatomically impossible and he's for women, I intend to point to the quote above and laugh at them. Because seriously, he's the most fearsome warrior ever, parties like a fratboy, and taps every chick in the house. That's to-o-otally what women want. To-o-o-o-o-o-otally not a male power fantasy of any kind.

(I'm being unfair to the writer here. The story is actually quite good, and the villain, though horrifying, is engaging and believable... at least as believable as is possible given that we're dealing with gods here. For all the mystery around the villain -- we only learn about the villain a little at a time -- he's better-fleshed-out than Thor is, so the writer is clearly capable. So, it's not that he couldn't. He just didn't.)

Other writers treat Thor better. I remember seeing a frame online in which Thor grills a whole bunch of meat for his comrades... including hot dogs, though he disapproves of them and isn't shy about what he thinks of the quality of meat in them. "I attempted a lobster as well, but the beast defeated me." And honestly, I liked the hell out of the movies -- there was character growth, humor, and scenes that made it clear that the writers want to get women into the audience.

(I'm totally going to be accused of being a fake geek-boy in about five weeks! It should be fun.)

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Yeah superheros are not written or drawn for women, not at all.

Date: 2014-04-20 06:04 am (UTC)


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