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Nov. 30th, 2013 07:55 am
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If you like ladies and think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints needs a good stiff slap in the face, you might want to click this link (NSFW!).

If you like gentlemen and think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints needs a good stiff slap in the face, you might want to click this link (NSFW!).

Me, I'm just delighted that these sites -- and hopefully many more like them -- exist. Some institutions have faces that desperately need to be slapped. And honestly, if you're shocked that women have things like breasts under their clothes, or that gay men exist, I refer you to Mae West's sentiment that people as easily shocked as you need to be shocked more often.

(This post was brought to you by Google, and a lack of basic impulse control on my part. Some day, some snoopy-ass is going to look at my search history and be perplexed at all of the seemingly random shit that has accumulated in it.)
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Below are two pictures of the actor Jason Momoa. You might remember him from Stargate: Atlantis, Game of Thrones, or the remake of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that I've never seen, but I'm not entirely convinced it needed to be remade. While he's definitely not in bad shape in either picture, he's undeniably softer in the photo on the right.

If you're a woman (or a man who bends that way), you might be drooling at one or both of these pictures. If you're a tabloid writer, you might be looking at the photo of the right and typing up a dramatic story about how he's going to die of teh dethfats¹. If you're Perez Hilton, you might be writing about his dethfats, and in addition doodling a penis or two aimed at his face in MSPaint².

I'm a mostly-straight gymrat, so I see something different here.

That picture on the left is what our culture currently pushes as the male ideal. For most men, it's really fucking hard to achieve. In addition to a few lucky rolls of the genetic dice, it takes a considerable time investment (one that's out of the reach of most of us) and dedication to a certain kind of eating habits (again, out of most people's reach). And even if you do achieve it, it takes effort to maintain it. And even if you're always working on it, the cycle of bulking and cutting means that it won't always look that way.

Currently, I look like a skinnier version of the picture on the right. I'd like to look like the picture on the left (though obviously much paler), and I'll work toward that end. But I'll keep both pictures in mind, and I won't beat myself up if I don't make it there. And honestly, I get enough out of my exercise routine, both physically and emotionally, that my time and effort won't have been wasted just because I fail at looking like a statue.

And obviously, as always, I won't be judging people who don't achieve this ideal (or the female one), or people who feel that their time could be better spent on other things.

    1. Historically, female actors are much easier pickings for this kind of hack job. Still, there are a few tabloid writers who consider talking about male actors getting a bit soft to be a daring innovation. I could have made this post with two pictures -- one hard, one soft -- of Channing Tatum instead of Jason Momoa, and I have seen that kind of tongue-clicking about him getting pudgy.

    2. I'm not saying Perez Hilton has done this, but honestly, who would be surprised if he did? I'd go look, but that would involve me actually visiting Perez Hilton's website, and honestly, I'd want to soak my computer in bleach afterward. Besides, I don't want to give that shitheap hits.

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So, a friend of mine sent me a link to a porno, and I'm about to post it without laughing at it, mocking it, or savaging it. This is a rare thing for me! Before I do so, I'd like to thank [Martin] (I've mentioned him occasionally here), who saw it and immediately thought of me. I'd also like to thank Priminho (whoever they are) for mistagging at as gay, as [Martin] would probably not have found it otherwise.

NSFW (contains beef, sausage, and fish¹)!!!

By conventional straight porno standards, this video fails, because one does not cast men that look like this in straight porn, nor does one devote so much screen time to such a man if he gets cast by mistake. After all, straight guys watching porn don't want to see that -- what are they, queer or something? By gay porno standards, this video fails, because while the guy is certainly worthy of attention, there's a hot and nimble naked woman in it, and some gay guys are very vocal about having panic attacks at the very sight of vag (*cough*tigerwolf*cough*). In addition, there's no money shot at the end, and the pacing is deliberately, almost agonizingly slow.

All that said, I enjoyed this clip very much, and have much respect for the performers and the director for trying to make something cool and different. I hope for many sequels. Maybe one in which the man takes his turn lavishing attention on his female costar...!

    1. "Fish" is a slang term used by gay men, referring to vaginas and their owners. It's rude. Don't use it. The only reason I used it here is because there are two other meat references in the same sentence.

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A lot of medical videos, to be exact. Some of the videos I've been watching, like lectures on Arterial Blood Gas collection, are really of interest only to vampires. Some of the videos I've been watching, like cyst and zit lancings, are just amusingly gross.

And one video (NSFW, contains beef and sausage) is ostensibly on choking and what to do about it, but one of the lecturers decided that if she was going to demonstrate things like the Heimlich maneuver on a live model, she was going to get one who looks good naked. It's a completely gratuitous display of nudity that no one can complain about because it's a medical lecture... and because my f-list is heavy on the ladies (and a few men who'll also appreciate it), I'm sharing it.

(I tried wiling away my lunch hour with the video game Candy Crush, but got sick of it in short order. As pretty as it was, it was murder on my phone's battery, it nagged me for money too often, it nagged me to join FaceBook too often, and after a while, it decided that I could only play once every twenty minutes unless I wanted to pony up money for it... at which point, I decided I'd rather go on YouTube. Or hell, read a book.)
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Dear Christina Hendricks,

Those amazing curves belong to you, and as such, they can be used to sell anything you feel like selling (at the risk of stating the obvious). That said... Johnny Walker Black? Really? You sell yourself way too short. I'm sure that dozens of purveyors of good whiskey would have been ecstatic to have you on board. Many people have never tried Laphroaig, but they'd take one look at you with a double, and... okay, okay, bad example. Laphroaig is very much a love-it-or-hate-it whiskey, and enough people would hate it that it might damage your future advertizing capital. Highland Park or Dalmore are both much safer, and both still excellent. Yes, they're both more expensive than Johnny Walker Black, but anyone seeing them in an ad with you won't care!

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Below all these cuts are attractive women who are also accomplished musicians. As with my two other posts full of attractive women in metal (here and here on LJ, here and here on DW), and my two posts full of attractive men in metal (here and here on LJ, here and here on DW), each picture is a link to a song on YouTube.

I'm accepting suggestions for people of both sexes I ought to include in future posts. Men especially -- my next post like this is going to focus on men, but aside from that, women are marketed much differently in metal, and are much easier to find. A band with a less-than-lovely female lead can often have a harder time getting press, whereas a male performer who's too attractive may have trouble getting taken seriously in many genres of metal. But that's a subject for a much more serious post.

In all these posts, I'm mostly confining myself to metal. On the other hand, a little bit of opera crept into one of my posts on men, and a little blues is creeping into this post.

Annlouice Loegdlund )

Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard )

Silje Wergeland )

Floor Jansen )

Marcela Bovio )

Elize Ryd )

Mariangela Demurtas )

And one more... )
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I intended to do this post much sooner, but life, depression, and job-hunting got in the way. But hey, here it is: as a sequel to one of my previous posts (here on LJ, here on DW), and a counterpoint to two others (here and here on LJ, here and here on DW), I present more pictures of attractive men in metal.

The good news is, there's a little more variety in this post -- in fact, I took some requests, including some I didn't necessarily agree with, to ensure better variety. If your notion of hawt menz is something other than wiry long-haired pretty-boys, there's a better chance you'll find something to your liking in this post. On the other hand, there's a greater chance there'll be guys here that are not to your tastes. You're certainly free to decide that you wouldn't like Johan Hegg because he's big and soft, or Greg Puciato because he comes up to your chin but could snap you in half like a dry twig. Just remember that other people don't necessarily share your tastes.

Brann Dailor )

Greg Puciato )

Johan Hegg )

Mikael Stanne )

Perttu Kivilaakso )

Scott Hull )

Dmitri Hvorostovsky )

And three more... )
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Have you heard of Laci Green yet? Probably¹. Me, I just discovered her, and she's awesome. She espouses this radical belief that sex and bodies and all of that stuff are just plain awesome. She has 143 videos, so if you find you like her, you could easily kill a whole afternoon with her, but she addresses a wide variety of topics, from fat² to race to virginity to... well, lots more. She's very good.

Have you heard of Colby Keller yet? Perhaps not. Me, I just discovered him, and he's awesome... though since he does gay porn, his focus is considerably narrower than Laci Green's. He gives useful and practical advice on orgies, size issues, and getting into porn (and just as importantly, being clear on your reasons for wanting to be in porn, and coping with the rest of the world when it discovers you're in porn).

    1. Once upon a time, when she was still in her teens, Laci Green used the word "tranny," unaware of its impact on transpeople. When made aware of it, she apologized and banished it from her lexicon. Then, she got Winterfoxed³. She's currently stepped away from tumblr, because some worthless piece of shit who no doubt identifies as an SJW thinks that while the word "tranny" is an unforgivable slur, death threats are just peachy and the word "cunt" is just fine as long as the word "transphobic" appears in front of it. If you are one of these people, I hope you step on a lego, trip over said lego, and land face-first in a fire. And by the way, go die in a fire.

    2. Laci Green has spoken out against fatphobia, but she has apparently also discussed her own issues with controlling her weight. According to some, this would make her both fatphobic and a hypocrite. Considering that I think judging people for being fat is wrong (and I'm occasionally very vocal about this), but I also put some effort into keeping my own body fat low, you can probably guess that I'm not exactly sympathetic to people who would make either of these claims about her.

    3. 1. Winterfox, v, to use the umbrella of social justice as license to be a fuming asshole, frequently using the whole premise of "tone argument" to justify no end of abusive behavior. 2. Winterfox, n, a person who frequently engages in Winterfoxing. While some Winterfoxes are solitary predators, many Winterfoxes are pack animals.

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This, my latest favorite blog full of pictures (NSFW!), has a lot of people of lots of different kinds. Thin, fat, muscly, curvy, young, old, male, female, in between, dark, light, some of each, ticklish, unadorned, tattooed, pierced, amputee, cartoony, and so on. The only things that these photos have in common is that they are about sex, and that everyone involved is very clearly having a blast. There's a lot of variety here, so don't expect to find everything here hot, but just about every picture got some positive reaction out of me... even if the reactions varied from "smokin'!" to "fuck yeah, you go!" to "that would be so much fun even without sex!" to "that's so cute I think I'm gonna melt!"
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A while back, I did a couple of posts dedicated to musicians who happened to be beautiful women (here and here on LJ, here and here on DW), complete with links to some of their songs. At the time, these posts were well-received. There are a couple of factors that could have contributed to that: the photos themselves were tasteful, I showed respect for the ladies in question as musicians as well as beautiful people... and let's face it, most of you here have known me for a while and know that I'm not a sexist asshole, which probably got me a lot of benefit of doubt where other guys who made a similar post might have gotten a hairy eyeball. Admitting that you notice that a given woman is beautiful... while still treating her with respect. It can be done!

Recently (here on LJ, here on DW), in an aside in another post, I suggested that Revolver ought to complement their yearly "hot chicks in metal" article with a "hot dudes in metal" one... not remembering that I'd done those other two posts.

So. Ahem. I guess it's... er, probably time for me to... um, put my money where my mouth is.

Beneath these cuts, you'll find some of the more attractive men in metal. As with those earlier posts, I confined myself to attractive people that I also respect as musicians. Still, if you're not into long-haired pretty-boys, you may want to give the rest of this post a miss. Or not -- there's still some good crunchy music here.

(I should point out that this post was a bit harder to make than the posts with female musicians. Outside of the really mainstream lite-metal, i.e. hair metal and its descendants (and no, you won't find any of that shit here), men are not encouraged to play up their looks. Quite the opposite, in fact -- one of the examples below seems to actively play down his looks when on stage. As Strongbad once said, the gift of death metal does not smile upon the good-looking. Fortunately, no one's gluing corn flakes to their faces.)

Teemu Mäntysaari )

Fotis Benardo )

Henkka Seppälä )

Mark Jansen )

Mathias Nygård )

Tobias Sammet )

Chuck Schuldiner )

I've no doubt left out many worthy people from this list. You must express your disappointment and tell me all about it in the comments! (Because I'm totally not planning to cheat and maybe use your suggestions for a possible follow-up post or anything...)
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So, Revolver has this thing they do called "Hottest Chicks in Metal."

Normally, I wouldn't bother mentioning it. There are some good-looking women in metal, sure. Some of them are taken seriously as musicians, for instance Christina Scabbia, Anneka Van Giersbergen, and Sarah Jezebel Deva¹, and I'd like to hope that I'm perfectly capable of appreciating their talents and noticing their looks without one detracting from the other. Some women in metal... well, aren't taken seriously as musicians, and their role in the band is more or less ornamental. Typically, I'd just notice that Revolver's doing that thing again, groan a little, and move on.

This, year, however, I'm rooting for Mina Caputo. The reason for this: she was born "Keith." Whether I necessarily think she's hot is irrelevant -- I really want to see her win². Partly because coming out as transgendered takes brass anywhere, but even more so in the metal community. Partly because I want to believe that the metal community would accept her, and this is a hell of a way to show it. (We have a spotty track record on this. We've embraced Rob Halford, certainly, but some of us throw words like "fag" around way too casually.)

But mostly, my inner troll can't help noticing that there are a lot of people in metal who'd get seriously angry over "some dude who thinks he's a chick" winning something as trivial as the metal equivalent of a beauty pageant. And honestly, if you're one of those people, you deserve to have the world go out of its way to piss you off... and it would be my honor to take a small part in helping the world piss you off.

(And next year, Revolver should do "hot men in metal," as well. Partly because there are women who like metal and they deserve eye candy too. Partly, because if you're a guy drooling over Christina Scabbia's tits, but you're threatened by the fact that Teemu Mäntysaari is prettier than you or Greg Puciato³ has bigger muscles than you, this is something you deserve to have rubbed in your face. But hey, if Revolver isn't up to the task, this site will pick up the slack.)

    1. Yes, Ms. Deva is a fat woman. Yes, I think she's beautiful. Pleeeeease let this not turn into fat wank.

    2. Please note that I'm using feminine pronouns. This is because, whatever her current anatomical status (or natal anatomical status), she identifies as female, and I'm a fuckin' gentleman.

      Please also note that I'm not speculating as to her current anatomical status, nor intimating that she has any particular obligation to share it with us. Again, this is because I'm a fuckin' gentleman.

    3. I'd like to hope that Mr. Puciato would agree. He's certainly not above rubbing people's insecurities in their faces; I've read that he's been known to wear Britney Spears T-shirts onstage, and that he has stated that if he thinks a lot of homophobes will be at a DEP show, he'll wear a T-shirt depicting two men having oral sex.

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I'm nervous as hell at the moment, because my regular doctor thinks I have plantar fasciitis. (Keep in mind, when you read that, that I don't have a car and I walk and ride trains everywhere.) In about three hours, I'll be going to a podiatrist that she recommended and hoping that all I need is special footware or exercises... as opposed to shots into my foot, or worse, surgery to grind down a bony thorn that may have developed in my heelbone.

So, to try to calm my nerves, I've been watching funny (but not necessarily safe for work) videos on YouTube. For instance...

This is the song "Friday," by Rebecca Black... in the style of death metal, and thus greatly improved.

A while back, Pinky-Pie made epic cupcakes. Now, she's back, with epic apple pie. (Some familiarity with both MLP and EMT is helpful for both of these.)

Some guy who doesn't like Sandra Lee decided to make parody videos of her Kwanzaa Cake and her Hannukah Cake. I should warn that there's a shitload of cultural insensitivity here, but that's unavoidable given the source material.

Craig Ferguson's intros are an unlikely mix of cheesecake, beef, cheese, puppets, geekery, and candied awesome.

This video makes a lot more sense, and is a lot funnier, if you've seen this synthol-pumped twit that he's very clearly mocking. If not, it's still worth checking out if you're into muscley guys without shirts.

You know those rap videos with endless bouncing women's asses? Well, check out this video from the other side of the mirror!
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I have a really great post in the works about the Sin and Redemption narrative, and how it's too easy to employ it when your Sin did a lot of real-world damage and your Redemption is way too easy. It was going to start with Jay-Z deciding that since he had a daughter he shouldn't use the word "bitch" anymore, and Paula Deen endorsing a Diabetes medication after years of hate crimes against healthy living. I would probably have moved on to Newt's ability to forgive himself be forgiven by God for his ongoing inability to keep it in his pants, Michael Vick's rise from his momentary fall from grace, and Schwyzer's confession to an attempted murder (after having consulted legal experts to make sure he'd suffer no legal consequences for admitting it).

Sadly, that post is in major rewrite -- it seems that early reports of Jay-Z's intent to stop using the word "bitch" might have been a hoax.

So, some fluff!

The movie Showgirls first came out in 1995 (thank you, Wikipedia), and is notable for the fact that not even showing 170 tits could save it¹. Well, it seems that a mirror-universe version of Showgirls is in the works: Magic Mike (NSFW!).

Unless a certain lady (the one with whom I saw 300 and Immortals) decides she wants company when she sees this movie, I'll probably give it a miss. However, I'm delighted that this movie is going to exist. It needs to. For over fifteen years, there's been proof that some guys will sit through any movie, no matter how bad, as long as it has tits in it (hell, I watched the whole thing once...), and there's been no analogous movie for pecs and man-ass -- but very soon, there will be, and I'm sure it will be hilarious. I can imagine how certain lines from Showgirls will translate across the mirror...

"He looks better than a ten-inch dick and you know it!"

"He's no butterfly. Tony, he's all pelvic thrust. I mean, he prowls. He's got it!"

"What is this, a cucumber? This is a stage, babe, it's not a patch. See ya."

"You fucking slut, you touch my make-up again and I'll fucking kill you."
"Oh, I'm a slut? Well, you fucked that kid from the pizza place!"
"Well, you fucked the meter reader!"
"Oh, you're fucking dead! "

"You want a knuckle sandwich?"
"Oh, can I have mine anally, please?"

"I like big cocks. I always have. How about you?"
"I like having a big cock."

I know, I'm being a little unfair. There might actually be good writing in this movie, and so far, we really have no reason to believe there won't be. Soderbergh (the person directing Magic Mike) actually has some successful movies under his belt. But then, Verhoeven did, too. I'm also jumping a little too quickly to the conclusion that there'll be a lot of slash-tease, in the dialog I rewrote. There's a reason for that: I'm guessing that whatever the quality of the final product, it won't be just straight women going to see it.

    1. Yes, someone counted. Actually, a few someones counted, but they all come up with different numbers, including one odd number with all the even numbers. I'm guessing the lady in question was half out-of-frame, or the shot was of side-boob or something.

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So, a few marketing wizards decided that the best way to increase breast cancer awareness was to have Wonder Woman fondling examining herself in an ad campaign.

Personally, I think this is a smashing idea. After all, Wonder Woman is a DC comic character, women read comic books too, and surely there must be one or two women who haven't ragequit DC over the whole "New 52" thing. There's no way this could possibly be pandering to hormonally addled teenage boys.

Anyway, because turnaround is often fair play, I'm going to indulge in one of my hopefully rare "but what about the mens?" moments, and point out that testicular cancer and prostate cancer get nowhere near enough press. Let's do a similar campaign for them! Let's have some of DC's biggest male characters shown with their hands at their groins. I think the Man of Steel would be a super choice, and I'm sure that Arsenal (see icon) more than lives up to his name... you think that would make a few guys uncomfortable?

I think so too. And that's kinda my point.

Anyway, because I can't draw well enough to give you a shot of Arsenal grasping his balls (or Nightwing giving himself a prostate exam) on short notice, and because I'm aware that my f-list abounds with women and gay and bi men, I'd like to offer a slightly different (and equally objectifying, but much funnier) take on breast cancer awareness:

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A friend emailed me a link to this website (kinda NSFW), and I want to have some fun with it. All it needs is a Tardis in the background. Seriously, the guy looks a lot like Matt Smith (though he's likely in much better shape), and the lingerie he's wearing is even Tardis blue!

And then, having added the Tardis in the background, I want to post it on a Doctor Who fansite, make a lot of popcorn, and watch the fireworks. Oh, to have that kind of free time again!
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First, classical and salsa. A bunch of Norwegian lunatics (and I mean "lunatics" in all the best possible ways) decided to take a few well-known classical music pieces and add a touch of salsa: Beethoven's Fifth, Bach's Second Orchestral Suite, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, and Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies.

Then, metal and opera and carnival music, with bits of mariachi. I first discovered Diablo Swing Orchestra from [ profile] drave117, who discovered it from [ profile] rin_o. I heartily recommend both of their CDs, but my favorite songs are their bitter break-up tango duet, their demented street preacher set to crunchy swing, their balrog boogie, and their pink noise waltz.

Then, metal and ballet. Honestly, this one isn't that weird -- metal has been sniffing around orchestral music for years now, and with troupes like Ballet Deviare around, the sniffing has been mutual. This clip has Tchaikovsky running all the way through it, from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. (There are actually a bunch of hits if you search for "ballet, metal" in YouTube, but this is the best one.) One day, I hope to see someone turn Swallow the Sun's Plague of Butterflies (warning: really long) into a ballet -- I've read somewhere that that was how it was originally written. I want to see it done so desperately that if I were even remotely qualified to choreograph a ballet, I'd attempt it myself.

Lastly, some softcore and opera. I don't know what I think of this performance (NSFW, contains beef and sausage) of Vivaldi's Ercole su'l Termodonte. I'm not a big fan of Vivaldi (too serene for my tastes), nor do I know his music very well, but considering the mores of the time, I imagine that whoever staged this took some huge liberties -- I just can't imagine Vivaldi taking risks like this. Also, I can't help thinking that while the voices were adequate, the actors were chosen for, ahem, different qualities. I could be wrong, though. For all I know, Hercules is always naked in this opera. Anyway, there are a bunch of straight and bi ladies (and gay and bi men) on my list, and this counts as eye candy, so whatever my thoughts on yaoi this piece are, I'm posting it anyway.
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So, in between bouts with books, I've managed a little surfing. One of the sites I occasionally visit is Pandagon, which has (among other things) a scene from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It's a terrific scene: it has good music, lots of fit men prancing around in nothing but flesh-toned shorts (which no doubt made the censors shit themselves, considering this was 1955), some absolutely ridiculous choreography... and in spite of all this, Jane Russell dominates the scene, even fully dressed. You can see it here.

Also, if you're a guy and you think that women only bed alpha assholes, and nice guys never get laid, you might need to read this article. I say "might" because if you're reading this post, you've probably known me for a while, and I've been giving my "it's not the assholishness, it's the confidence" lecture on and off for at least fifteen years. Granted, I didn't use the phrase "Nice Guys®," because that phrase didn't make it into my lexicon until I discovered the internet, but I'm sure that the idea made it into the undertones when I tried to teach the odd guy here and there the ropes.

(Not that I ever succeeded, mind you. But I did try.)
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If you like ladies, and you don't mind some disturbing content and violent imagery with some very nice (partially pixellated) skin, you'll probably want to watch this (NSFW!) video by Erykah Badu.

If you like gentlemen, and you don't mind some disturbing content and violent imagery with some very nice (unpixellated) skin, you'll probably want to watch this (NSFW!) video by Allan Theo.

And of course, no one says you can't watch both!
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First, some YouTube videos in which a snarky, well-endowed redhead offers some opinions on Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, and an annoying pop band called Scissor Sisters. (For those of you who think I'm cheating -- and I don't deny it for an instant! -- this video shows what said snarky, well-endowed redhead looks like outside of stage persona.)

Next, a few clips from a Japanese movie called Hausu, which I have heard described as "a bunch of girls go into a house, and the house has a bad acid trip." Watch in amused horror as girls are eaten by a lampshade, a piano, and a mirror. Or here, just watch this compilation!

Finally, have you ever complained about Slutoween, and how so many costumes that are described as "Sexy fill-in-the-blank" are excuses for women to dress up (or undress up) and show a lot of gratuitous skin in tasteless excuses for costumes? Well, then, I offer you one tiny step for equality of the sexes, and one giant nail in the coffin of good taste: (somewhat NSFW). And hey, it includes Christmas ideas, too!


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