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This is my front page. If you want me to add you, drop me a line here. Or, add me. Either way, I'll check you out. You can also drop me a line here if, for instance, you don't have my email address. All comments here are screened.

This post also includes every tag I have -- this is because my current LJ style doesn't include a tag index. (At least half of my participation on LJ is on my phone. I chose this style because, as bare-bones as it is, it loads quickly and it's still readable on a small screen.)

I'd tell you more about myself, but that's what my profile -- and the rest of my LJ -- is for.
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As part of my research for an upcoming project, I bought Thor v.1: The God Butcher. I'd like to quote the captions from the first page. (Keep in mind that in comics, word placement is kinda important, and that's going to make the punctuation look odd when the words are laid out in plain old text. Don't fault the grammar... there's plenty to fault in the content.)

"The frost giant had terrorized these people for weeks. It had eaten three goats, four dogs, and two children. The mothers of the village prayed for help from the gods. And help they did receive.

"I led a group of twenty men, tracking the giant to its den in the highlands. It battled us for hours, swinging trees and hurling boulders. Many vikings found their way to Valhalla. Until my axe hacked its guts to bloody slush and lopped off its head.

"That was four days ago. Since then I have eaten more goats than the frost giant, drank enough mead to drown a dozen sailors, and made love to half the women in the village.

"I am Thor Odinson. God of thunder. Prince of Asgard. Heir to the throne of the realm eternal. I love my life."

I'll be going to a convention in a little over a month, and no doubt the subject of comics will come up. If I hear anyone talk about how sure, comics have lots of top-heavy minimally-dressed anatomically-impossible women for horny teenage boys to look like, but hey, look, Thor looks impressive as hell without a shirt, and he's also anatomically impossible and he's for women, I intend to point to the quote above and laugh at them. Because seriously, he's the most fearsome warrior ever, parties like a fratboy, and taps every chick in the house. That's to-o-otally what women want. To-o-o-o-o-o-otally not a male power fantasy of any kind.

(I'm being unfair to the writer here. The story is actually quite good, and the villain, though horrifying, is engaging and believable... at least as believable as is possible given that we're dealing with gods here. For all the mystery around the villain -- we only learn about the villain a little at a time -- he's better-fleshed-out than Thor is, so the writer is clearly capable. So, it's not that he couldn't. He just didn't.)

Other writers treat Thor better. I remember seeing a frame online in which Thor grills a whole bunch of meat for his comrades... including hot dogs, though he disapproves of them and isn't shy about what he thinks of the quality of meat in them. "I attempted a lobster as well, but the beast defeated me." And honestly, I liked the hell out of the movies -- there was character growth, humor, and scenes that made it clear that the writers want to get women into the audience.

(I'm totally going to be accused of being a fake geek-boy in about five weeks! It should be fun.)
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A bit of foreshadowing, made possibly a bit more complicated by the fact that a while ago, Claire confided to Marten that she was trans. Is there romance being hinted at in that look?

This could get interesting. In a perfect world, it would be just another romance... but in any world resembling the real one, it's likely to be quite a bit more messy. Claire likely has issues -- at a guess, it's really hard to be trans in our current culture and not have issues. Marten likely has ideas on gender that are about to be confronted up close -- again, he's a product of the culture. Both of them are likely going to be asking themselves a bunch of tough questions along the way. Depending on how they answer those questions, one or both of them may change as people. Depending on how hastily they answer those questions, one or both of them may get seriously hurt.

Considering that this writer isn't exactly averse to drama, I fully believe that he'll treat both characters as human beings, with all the potential for fucking up that being human implies. I'm also sure that certain circles of soshul justiss tumblrinas will be howling for his head no matter what he does with this story arc.

I'll be keeping an ear out.
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The webcomic Questionable Content is now three days into a story arc where a supporting character who's been in the strip for a while now has just confided in one one of the main characters that she's trans.

The author has made it clear he's wanted to do this for a while, has done his homework, and intends to do it right. I'm still fully expecting SJ wankers to dogpile him. At some point, he'll make some minor error, and omfg transphobe, die cis scum, you're worse than Hitler, die in a fire step on a lego, one one one eleventy-one. Even if he doesn't make an error, omfg tokenism, speaking as a cis person about transpeople silences real transpeople...

I'm awarding myself bonus drinks for advanced precognition if Ms. Are-You-Trans decides to stick her oar in. Not that I think Kynn should be taken seriously on any social justice issue ever -- I absolutely don't -- but I expect she'll try anyway.
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Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Oh my god o my god o my god o my god! I love this show! How have I never seen it before now? This is freaking amazing! Sadly, I'm having to catch it on youTube, which means that lots of episodes are missing, but there are still plenty there, and o my god o my god o my god o my god o my god! And I'm keeping this one close to my heart because when Santa's reindeer start shitting in my ears, I'll need some Christmas stuff that isn't moldy garbage.

Jimmy Two Shoes: I've seen two episodes of this one, and I like it a lot, though I'm not a rabid fanboy like I'm quickly becoming for FHFIM. It's about a kid in Hell, with a rather dimwitted demon for a best friend, and holy crap, this show is aimed at kids? I can't be all that surprised, because I grew up with cartoons involving transvestite rabbits, irresponsible hunters, would-be rapist skunks, and trigger-happy prospectors... but this cartoon takes place in Hell! It's like the people who made this cartoon don't think that small children are easily scarred!

Crossed: A trainwreck in comic book form, started by Garth Ennis and continued by others. In this world, humanity has been overrun by... well, sentient sadistic zombies who can turn you into one of them by bleeding on you, spitting on you, or jerking off onto bullets and shooting you with one of them (canon example). The comic is ostensibly about the survivors, and what they have to do to survive (and more to the point, how much humanity they have to give up in the name of survival when surrounded by inhuman monsters), but the writers all seem to be trying to top each other (and themselves) in how many vile things they can pile into a comic. "I'm going to have the zombies rape half their prisoners, then watch as the rape victims turn to zombies themselves and rape the other half of the prisoners!" "I'm going to show someone being beaten to death with a severed horse-cock!" "I'm going to have a guy cut a woman's lips off and wear them around his cock until they rot off!" "I'm going to have a zombie rape a dolphin in the blow-hole!" When he worked for other companies, Garth Ennis had limits. (There was plenty of sick shit in Preacher, for instance). Crossed abounds with sick shit, to the point of overpowering anything else that might make the comic worth reading.

Clive Barker: I've been rereading his short stories again. Very good writer, with very lovely prose, even when it's completely at odds with what he's describing with it. I reread The Hellbound Heart, and found myself surprised that the cenobite with the pins and the grid cut into its scalp... had a little girl's voice, not the booming baritone we've all come to expect from Doug Bradley since, and the grid was tattooed, not cut. So much has changed. And Clive Barker has a tumblr! Cool! I remember he was an artist as well, and... oh. Never mind. (Click if you're into naked dudes and body paint and occasional weird shit, but not if you're at work.)

Sherlock: The BBC version, with an otter playing the title role. I remember reading somewhere, someone complaining that modern technology has killed the murder mystery. In fact, at the time, I thought they kinda had a point -- I remember seeing several episodes of Murder, She Wrote a while back, and found myself thinking that none of the mysteries would have worked if the characters all had cellphones. In this version, Holmes and Watson have embraced technology, with Holmes mass-texting people at press conferences and being able to tell that a person with a drinking problem owned a cellphone, and Watson being encouraged to write a blog. It's Moff, with all that implies, both good and bad. I'm told there's another modern take on this series, with Watson being an Asian woman. I'm sure that as a white dude I'm supposed to be offended by this, but honestly, why not? (Perhaps I lack appropriate respect for the canon material or something...)
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This comic is not safe for work, and it's ridiculously gross. But funny!

(There are a few characters where backstory would be helpful. The three brosephs show up in this comic as well as a few others. The lady in black with the boob-window and the grudge are introduced in this comic, and seen again in this one. And the fast-food establishment that spends money trying to turn back the clock on gay equality is... well, you'd have to be under a rock to not know that one.)
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Here, a whole bunch of weasels fall in love with one of the main characters. These weasels are supposed to be vicious -- they eat slaver wasps, after all -- but when they find someone they like? Awwwwwww!

This video is dedicated to all the youtube trolls out there. I love it. I want to create a sockpuppet called "WankingGibbon69" and post comments on this video along the lines of "the person who made this video is a total cnut." (Misspelling intentional.)

This clip is amazing, if you'll ignore the fact that for all her brilliance, Vi Hart isn't exactly the best singer. Still, this exploration of music from a mathematical viewpoint is the exact sort of thing I did in High School, except that mine was totally metal. If I'd had the camera, the software, and the internet, way back then, I would very likely have produced stuff like this. (But I would probably have used a guitar myself, because I'm not exactly the best singer either.) Her video on Pythagoras is fun, too. Actually, just watch her whole damned channel.
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I've been a fan of Scandinavia and the world for a while now, but I gotta say that I find strips like this one are much funnier when I've actually seen Eurovision. In previous years, I would totally have been America in this strip. When I saw this strip, I had to spend about an hour following links (and finding that in the YouTube comments, lots of other people were led to the song clips by SATW, just as I was).

(The title is my best stab at "Screw winning! I've got hunks!" in French. If I knew Turkish, I'd have used it in the title of my post, though I'm sure "man-boat" would have been much harder to translate.)

I am definitely following Eurovision next year.
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"Bello Swain was a geeky dude (who was quite handsome, but didn't know it) who, after dressing in drag, found himself pulled between the attentions of a supernaturally beautiful amber-eyed sparklepire named Edward, and a hot werewolf named Jacob who had muscles, muscles everywhere, and never owned a shirt..."

Ms. Corsetto is absolutely right! This would be much better than Twilight!
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A while back (here on LJ, here on DW), I did some naughty things with a few archaic Russian letters.

Recently, and in a similar vein, the guy who does NSFW comics came up with several Valentine's Day cards. Including this one, which is my favorite.
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Damn it, YouTube!

I had three videos favorited that I intended to post but never quite got around to it. The first was the view from a tiny camera in a patient's ear as a doctor's tiny little hooks cleaned a shitload of impacted wax out. The second was of some dumb kid whose body was probably about 20% synthol getting his bicep punctured, and the river of pus that came from the wound. The third was a highlight reel of a doctor removing a lot of loose skin and other tissue from a woman who'd lost a lot of weight (it included navel and nipple relocations).

Apparently, medical shit is against YouTube's terms of service, because all three are gone. Dammit. I was hoping to gross you all out show you all some neat medical procedures!

(I would like to point out that I would have used an LJ-cut and included Not-Safe-For-Lunch warnings.)

Yes, I still read comic books.

I'm reading Chew, a fantastic comic book series right now. It's set in a world in which a bird flu epidemic (or possibly some botched bio-warfare experiment) killed a whole bunch of people, poultry has been outlawed, and the FDA has been given powers that our Homeland Security goons could only dream of. The main character is a cibopath -- a psychic who gets psychic impressions from the things he eats. He can therefore solve many crimes pretty easily, though depending on the age of the corpse he takes a bite of, he may vomit afterward.

The series is utterly ridiculous, but very inventive and a lot of fun to read. The detective's love interest (also a psychic) is a food writer who can make anyone who reads her work imagine all the flavors she's describing. (For a while, she was writing about restaurants that failed health inspections. Picture thousands of people projectile-vomiting after they read her articles.) One plot involves an alien vegetable that tastes like chicken. The main villain is out to absorb the skills and talents of as many people as possible, and since he's also a cibopath, that means he can just bite them. He calls himself The Vampire, and he has prosthetic fangs.

He's damned lucky he's so cute.

Dammit, [ profile] ologbu! What the hell have you been eating?


Fucking cat-vomit.


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