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This is my front page. If you want me to add you, drop me a line here. Or, add me. Either way, I'll check you out. You can also drop me a line here if, for instance, you don't have my email address. All comments here are screened.

This post also includes every tag I have -- this is because my current LJ style doesn't include a tag index. (At least half of my participation on LJ is on my phone. I chose this style because, as bare-bones as it is, it loads quickly and it's still readable on a small screen.)

I'd tell you more about myself, but that's what my profile -- and the rest of my LJ -- is for.
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I was slow to get into Tumblr, partly because I enjoy discussion and Tumblr is a poor forum for it, but also because I had the impression that the SJ assholes had infested the place to a degree that they could only dream of on LJ or Dreamwidth. Still, there are a few I follow.

Mansplaining Paul Ryan -- a meme that takes the piss out of our favorite sociopath looking to become Vice President. My favorite ones are "Atlas scrubbed," "Doing dishes is women's work unless there's a camera crew involved," and "I volunteer at soup kitchens -- images available upon request."

Fuck Yeah Retail Robin -- anyone who's worked in retail has mad some of the complaints that get voiced here. Granted, some of them are from robins who are complete idiots (and I say this as a robin myself), but a lot of them are good. There are a number of similar ones like Hospitality Hamster (for hotel employees), Receptionist Rabbit, Cow-orker Complaints, and in the opposite direction, Customer Cockatoo. All fun, but it seems that Retail Robin is the only one that updates regularly.

Fuck Yeah Social Justice Sally -- quotes from alleged social justice fans who are far more interested in bullying people than they are in social justice. If the internet's various winterfoxes have made it so you cringe at the sight of the words "social justice," you'll have seen some of the quotes in this tumblr. If you care about social justice for real, you should still look, if only to be aware of the huge PR problem social justice is having right now.

Small Dick Lover (NSFW) -- my first response when I saw the images in this blog was pity. And yet... every man pictured here was very much okay with his picture being taken. Every man here is at peace with himself, and possesses his own body, to a degree that I have to envy -- especially since I should have a much easier time with that degree of self-possession and still can't manage it. There's a lesson I need to learn from this. I'm working on that. I don't read this blog regularly, but I'm glad that it exists.

Sex Is Not The Enemy (NSFW) -- I've posted this one before: a blog with pornographic shots in which all parties involved are clearly having a blast. All porn ought to be like this.

What Should We Call Opera -- some streams should never cross... for instance, funny animated gifs and opera references. Some divine lunatic crossed those streams anyway, and the result is magic. Some knowledge of opera is helpful, but often the jokes are explained, for instance, how Berlioz is god-awful-expensive to stage.

Depression Comix -- by the same guy who did Sexy Losers. If you suffer from depression, you may find this comic helpful... or triggering. Or both, sometimes at the same time. It's on my list because I occasionally get like this, and this comic helps me attach words to feelings I'm not always so good at explaining.

I'm no doubt missing out on many more -- for instance, I know of at least two friends of mine with tumblrs, and I don't remember what they are. You must shame me for my ignorance and post them in the comments!
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I'm in a bad place, emotionally. I'm currently trying to deal with that with a few hits of beautiful and depressing music. Yes, depressing music. I can't take cheerful music when I get like this -- it's too much like leaving a very sick, beloved pet at home, walking to work through pouring rain without an umbrella, being miserable when you get there... and having that one obnoxiously chipper coworker you can't stand smiling in your face and talking about how it's such a wonderful day, come on, why don't you smiiiile?

For me, at least, depressing music helps.

  • Adagio for Strings, by Barber. This one is conducted by Rostropovich, and it's probably the best version I've heard. But I'm probably biased -- when it comes to classical music, I love the Russians.

  • Finale, from Suor Angelica by Puccini.

  • Lacrimosa, from the Mozart Requiem.

  • Symphony No. 3, by Górecki

  • The Dead Island Trailer, by Giles Lamb. This is the soundtrack for the trailer for a video game about zombies, and it's a hundred times more beautiful than it has any right to be. The symphonied-up version is worth a listen, too.

  • Emerald Forest and the Blackbird, by Swallow the Sun. This is death metal, and as with the previous link, it's more beautiful than it has any right to be.


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