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This post also includes every tag I have -- this is because my current LJ style doesn't include a tag index. (At least half of my participation on LJ is on my phone. I chose this style because, as bare-bones as it is, it loads quickly and it's still readable on a small screen.)

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Dear parents,

Eventually, your kids grow up. Soon after, and in fact for some time before, they do this horrible thing that involves them discovering who they are and forming their own opinions and values. Little Suzy may decide she wants to snog other girls, Little Timmy may decide he wants to snog other boys. Little Bobby might decide that the name Bobbi fits him better, and while he's at it, pronouns like "her" fit her better, too. Little Christina might decide that someone she's never met has no business endebting her by dying for her sins. (I don't mean to exclude you here if your child is a Sagir Fuad, or a Qatan Yechezqel, or a Chiisai Fumio...) Or Little Lisa might consider your desire to have grandchildren, and decide that she has other plans.

This happens in less earth-shattering ways, as well. As your kid grows up, they'll develop tastes in music that you'll no doubt perceive as noise. They'll want to style their hair in ways you don't like. They'll want to wear clothing that makes you want to gouge out your own eyes. They won't want to be a doctor or a lawyer just like Mummy or just like Daddy.

Or, GASP! Your kid might get a tattoo! (Warning: this link contains a ludicrious amount of angst, whinging, self-inflicted personal crisis, and enough woe-is-me that the mother in question ought to just staple-gun her own wrist to her forehead and be done with it.)

If you can't handle the fact that one day, your kid will be their own person instead of just a reflection of you, this is something you should have thought about before you had kids.

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What the fucking fuck?

(Short version: an old woman in BC who abandoned one of her children at fifteen years of age, and treated her other children like shit, is now (thirty years later) suing them for parental support. Worse, there are laws on the books that may let her get away with it.)

"My interest, quite frankly, is to see that someone is treated right, and that’s all I care about," a quote from the woman's lawyer.

To which I can only reply, "where the fuck were you when this mother was abandoning her kid?"


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