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Nov. 30th, 2013 07:55 am
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If you like ladies and think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints needs a good stiff slap in the face, you might want to click this link (NSFW!).

If you like gentlemen and think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints needs a good stiff slap in the face, you might want to click this link (NSFW!).

Me, I'm just delighted that these sites -- and hopefully many more like them -- exist. Some institutions have faces that desperately need to be slapped. And honestly, if you're shocked that women have things like breasts under their clothes, or that gay men exist, I refer you to Mae West's sentiment that people as easily shocked as you need to be shocked more often.

(This post was brought to you by Google, and a lack of basic impulse control on my part. Some day, some snoopy-ass is going to look at my search history and be perplexed at all of the seemingly random shit that has accumulated in it.)
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So... Warren Jeffs used to have what he probably considered a really sweet life: money, power, and a harem of underage girls. Obviously, he doesn't have these things now, but clearly it's the access to warm places to keep his dick that he misses the most. You see, in jail, he's turned into a chronic masturbator. Seriously, I think there are teenagers who jerk off less frequently than this.

Suddenly, I feel great compassion for the man. He preached so hard against this, and now he's trapped in a cycle of self-abuse, and he obviously needs to be saved from himself. He clearly needs one of these things (NSFW!) to be attached to him, for his own good!

(I'm sure that if a judge ordered anything along these lines, there would be some very messy legal battles over it, not to mention some far-reaching unintended consequences. I could argue that Warren Jeffs is a very special case, and that this approach is especially appropriate for him and shouldn't be applied to prisoners in general, but in Law, there is no such thing as a very special case.)
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Against my own better judgment, I just finished reading a certain Eric James Stone story that's been making the rounds.

Firstly, one of the basic rules of writing science fiction is Know Your Science. If you don't know your science, either get outside help or do your research. Octavia Butler dealt with social issues a lot, but as a black and possibly queer woman, she had a grasp on these issues that many other writers do not. A lot of Philip K Dick's work involves mind-twisting drugs, and... well, let's just say he knew that subject very well. Robert Heinlein wrote of having to solve equations on rolls of butcher paper for things like travel times between planets, and his wife (who was smarter than him in many fields, including math) frequently helped him. Spider Robinson wrote a story with similar equations (but nastier, because Lorentz contraction got involved), and when he couldn't crack the numbers, he consulted a friend who, if I remember right, works at JPL. Samuel Delany wrote a story once about a language developed as a weapon in war, that would convert everyone who learned it, and you'd better believe he knew his subject -- he is, among other things, a language professor.

A moment's research would have told anyone that even if a ginormous plasmic being living inside a star is casually referred to as a solar whale, the term solcetacean does not work. "Cetacean" is a scientific classification that couldn't possibly apply here. "Solcetacean" is a bit of Latin and Greek gobbledygook that's clearly intended to make the writer look more clever than he is. And if that weren't merely the smallest thing wrong with this story, I'd perhaps let it go. (After all, I don't like the mix of Latin and Greek in the word "hemovore," -- it ought to be "hemophage" or "sanguivore" -- but I can still enjoy Doctor Who, right?)

As it is, this story is a really painfully bland wish-fulfillment tale in which a single human Mormon preacher successfully gains a concession for Mormons from a being thousands of years older than humanity. Yeah. Convincing a ancient being of the basic rightness of a belief system created by humans less than two hundred years ago. Let the arrogance of that idea sink in a moment.

It's not that I believe theology has no place in science fiction. I assure you, in competent hands, there is a place for it. But these are not competent hands.

Unbelievably, this story won the Nebula for Best Novelette. My current theory to explain this is that many of the nebula voters were at a really wild party at a convention, and Eric James Stone has the negatives. I suspect farm animals were involved.
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(For those of you who are new to my LJ, I'm using the PG-rated version of this icon so that you won't get caught looking at naughty things while browsing your f-list at work. In about two weeks, I'll be replacing it with the full-frontal version.)

A Big Dick

If I ever ordered food or drink, and the food or drink that got to me was in a container labeled "Big Dick," I admit I'm not sure how I'd react. There are so many possible reactions. Perhaps I'd blush, and oh-so-casually check to make sure my pants weren't unbuttoned. Perhaps I'd check out the person behind the counter and decide whether to flatter them back. Perhaps, if I were with friends, I'd show them all the cup, loudly and proudly. Quite possibly, I'd frame it and put it on my mantel, next to that old receipt that says "suck my dick fuck-face" on it.

However I'd react, though, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't react by getting all pissy about it and writing a letter bitching about it to a consumer website.

(Follow the link. Most of the comments are fun.)

A Little Dick

First of all, lots of us are guilty of making small penis jokes. Me, I tend to make those jokes about people who drive Hummers, and people with car stereo systems that can wake the dead. However, there's a time and place for these kinds of jokes, and the workplace isn't one of them.

The dude has my sympathy. We make a lot of penis size in this culture (hell, in most cultures), and it's one of those things that we don't really have the power to do anything about. And now, his picture is in the news, and everyone knows he's got a little one. But here's the alarming part: these assholes handle airline security. You know, all that theater that the terrorists drove us to put in place so that we can indulge our ever-growing paranoia and proudly lie about how the terrorists haven't won.

And as important as these people are supposed to be, they obviously can't be bothered to act like adults doing a job.

A Complete Dick

So, by now you've heard about George Alan Rekers, that asshole anti-gay activist, getting caught at an airport with a "luggage handler" he met on

The rentboy has my sympathy, too. On the one hand, the whole internet knows he's got a big one. On the other hand, the whole internet now knows he's a rentboy, and that's going to give him problems in all sorts of places: dinner with the family, job interviews, high school reunions...

He seems like a good kid. A bit underdone (he's 20, Rekers is 61), but a good kid. He doesn't deserve this kind of "fame." That said, as long as he's already stuck with it, I hope he helps nail that self-loathing hypocrite to a wall.
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The following song is absolutely horrible. It's blasphemous, disrespectful to the Pope, and uses the word "fuck" ninety-four times. Even worse, it's a Level 9 Earworm Hazard. (You guys may remember that I rated Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" as a Level 8. Yeah. This song is that bad.) I highly recommend you don't listen to it. And if you must listen to it, don't listen to it ten times in a row like I just did.

(Stolen from [ profile] ms_daisy_cutter.)
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First, gay people were to blame. Then, the Jews. Two weeks from now, it'll be atheists.

For now, it's pornography.

Yeah. Catholic Church officials are once again looking for someone to blame for the flood of child rape cases hitting the media, and once again, they get it wrong. I'm almost hoping they blame black people soon -- I've already got bingo, and if they blame black people, I've got pretty good chances of getting blackout.

(Well, actually, I hope that Church officials take some fucking responsibility, but at this point, hope in one hand, fill out your bingo card with the other, and see which one fills up first.)


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